Have you been to Heathrow Kestrel spa in London during the day?

Эротические форумы Стиль жизни Нудизм

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понедельник 29 августа 2022

I am thinking of visiting Heathrow Kestrel nudist spa during the day without my wife. She is not into it.

Does anybody know what's going on there if you are a single? Is there anything else going on except having a drink and enjoy the pool? Are there any nude couples during the day except single men? Can singles watch when couples have fun in the play rooms without being invited to participate?

It's a long trip and I want to be sure that I will see something different than single men enjoying the pool.


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Hi Yiannis

M and I go there mainly in the day time.

It can be hit and miss on who is there. Friday is busier than day Monday or Tuesday.

There tend to always be couples around and as a couple we normally get followed around by a posse of guys.

They press their faces against the glass of the playrooms and wank away. It is a bit dire but each to their own.

M loves to be watched by she isn’t into new liaisons as she is not very confident and quite shy, but more than happy to fuck and cum with me in the rooms.

We are exhibitionists , well I am I suppose.
So it is quite a turn on.

You will often find a couple or two in the porn cinema shagging which will get an audience.

Don’t expect to be able to join in with a couple. That is quite rare. My last couple of partners have walked the odd guy off, but it is the exception not the rule.

Having a big cock and being a looker always helps, but the main thing with the ladies is not to be creepy and be very friendly and courteous.

Good luck.
Andy & Michelle

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Thanks so much for the information. Very helpful!

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During the day I have only even been on a Wednesday or Sunday. Of the two Sunday is the busiest of the two. If I get to see a couple having fun I always keep a respectable distance and if I do wank I try to be discreet 😉